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 Here are some Announcements and Expectations.

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PostSubject: Here are some Announcements and Expectations.   Thu Aug 21, 2008 11:06 pm

When someone is selected as a mod, they first must reach certain expectations and no one will be promoted past a temp mod except for maybe a select few, but not unless they have somehow already earned it in an administrator's or owner's eyes. It is a courtesy to all the future mods for it is unfair to take someone new and temp them then take someone else and make them a half or full. Do not expect more than a temp. If anyone makes any complaints, they will not even be considered for a moderating position.

We take iROCK server seriously and we expect moderators too also. Any moderators who are caught disrespecting a player, will have consequences. If someone is giving you a problem, you must keep your temper in check. Moderators must have a lot of tolerance for other blatantly rude players. If they go past a certain point which means constantly spamming out insults, they may be warned for disrespect for others and moderators. Because someone has been endowed with a moderating position does not mean that that person may do what they want because they are in a place of power. Any moderators who are caught not abiding by rules will either be removed or suspended from moderator list. Moderators have to enforce the rules which does NOT include disrespecting players in any way or just getting their way. Please help us make this server a better place for players. Smile

iROCK & That1girl
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Here are some Announcements and Expectations.
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